1-11 March 2017
The Inaugural session is on March 01, 2017

Nuclear fusion reactions are widely used in nuclear physics to produce nuclei far from the beta ß-stability line and superheavy nuclei, to explore the properties of excited nuclear states and the mechanisms of their decay and to study the dynamics of nuclear reactions. The burning of stars and nucleosynthesis of elements and their relative abundances are associated with reactions involving the sub-barrier fusion of nuclei. In India, with the upcoming RIB facilities, many research students and scientist are getting involved in studying various nuclear reactions of astrophysical importance.

With the energies & interaction rates foreseen at FAIR, the compressed baryonic matter will create highest baryon densities in nucleus–nucleus collisions to explore the properties of superdense baryonic matter. These nuclear collisions can compress the nuclear matter to densities achieved within neutron stars and core-collapse supernovae. Precise knowledge of Equation of State for exotic phases in superdense asymmetric & symmetric baryonic matter enables one to explore neutron star structure, their mass-radius relations and interior phase transitions as well as heavy-ion reactions at intermediate and relativistic energies. Core superfluidity with effect of strong magnetic field is also emerging as an important field of research.

The ‘CNT Lectures on Special Topics in Nuclear Astrophysics’ is intended for training of research students, post-docs and young researchers & expose them to the cutting-edge research in these fields. About 30 participants can be accommodated with full local hospitality and domestic travel support as per guidelines. There will be three lectures per day and the remaining time will be utilized for discussions and tutorials. Participants will have the opportunity to present their work. The school is a part of the Centre for Nuclear Theory (CNT) project of VECC.

The Inaugural session is on  March 01, 2017 from 10:30 am to 11:20 am at Ajay Divatia Lecture Hall, VECC


Dates: from 01 March 2017 08:00 to 11 March 2017 18:00
Location: VECC
KOLKATA - 700 064
Room: N K Ganguly Lecture Hall ( 2nd Floor, Main Buliding)
Material: slides