5-10 December 2010
6th International Conference on Physics and Astrophysics of Quark Gluon Plasma (ICPAQGP 2010)
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Event-by-event Charged-neutral fluctuations in Pb+Pb collisions at 158 AGeV
Content: Charged particles and photons have been measured in the top 15% central Pb+Pb collisions at 158 AGeV within the overlap phase space region of Photon Multiplicity Detector and Silicon Pad Multiplicity Detector in the WA98 experiment at the CERN SPS. The data have been analyzed to study the localized photon excess or charged excess phase space regions of varing size event-by-event using the Sliding Window Method. The results have been compared with VENUS model simulated events and with mixed events. It is found that regions with photon or charged multiplicity excess occur more frequently in the data than expected statistically, as deduced from mixed events or in VENUS simulated events. Several checks have been performed to rule out possible detector artifacts.
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Room: Main Auditorium
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Duration: 00'
Primary Authors: Prof. AGGARWAL, Madan (Panjab Univeristy)
Presenters: Prof. AGGARWAL, Madan