7-25 January 2013
at Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata

        The 2nd DST-SERC school on Nuclear Physics will be held at Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata during January 7 - 25, 2013. The title of the school is "NUclear Matter under Extreme Conditions (NUMEC)''.

        The school will broadly cover the theoretical & experimental issues related to Hot &  Dense Nuclear Matter and the subject of quark-hadron phase transition in relativistic heavy ion collisions covering the experimental programmes at PANDA, CBM, RHIC & LHC. 

        The Aim of the school is to Attract, Expose and Motivate Young Researchers in the Study of Nuclear Matter at High Temperature and Density.


        " Travel (by AC II Tier) and local hospitality will be provided to outstation participants. Applicants from countries other than India will be provided local hospitality only. "


The school syllabi will contain the following topics:

Topics:   Relativistic Kinematics,  Quantum Field Theory,  Quantum Chromodynamics,  Spectral Change of Hadrons in Medium,  Initial Conditions in Heavy Ion Collisions,  Relativistic (Viscous) Hydrodynamics and Space Time Evolution,  Heavy Ion Phenomenology and Quark Gluon Plasma,  Partonic Energy Loss and Jet Quenching,  Event Generators,  Accelerators,  Detectors,  Analysis Techniques & Error Analysis  etc.