16-17 December 2010
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata

The first superconducting cyclotron (SCC) of the country, at VECC, has accelerated neon ion test beam up to the extraction radius on 11th May 2009. It will deliver a large variety of particle ion beams over a wide range of energies (upto ~ 80 MeV protons, ~10-80 MeV/nucleon medium heavy ions with mass less than 60 and ~ 5-20 MeV/nucleon for heaviest ions) and open up a new frontier in intermediate energy nuclear physics research in India. A comprehensive utilisation programme is presently being implemented and several large detector facilities are being developed as part of the superconducting cyclotron utilization programme (SUCCUP). The external beam delivery system is also ready and it is expected that the energetic ion beams will soon be available for experiments. Therefore, the present meeting is being planned to discuss relevant physics issues which can be pursued with this machine. The topics to be discussed are multi fragmentation, isospin physics, fission dynamics, multiparticle correlation studies and gamma-ray spectroscopic studies using the facilities which are being developed for superconducting cyclotron utilization project; Renowned national and international experts in the related fields will be invited to deliver talks on these topics.

Dates: from 16 December 2010 08:00 to 17 December 2010 18:00
Location: Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata
Material: A. Goswami
Aman Sood
Bency John
Bikash Sinha
Bivash Ranjan Behera
C. Mallik
Enrico De Fillipo
G. Politi
G. Verde
Kaushik Banerjee
M .B. Tsang
Parnika Das
Partha Chowdhury
Partha Dhara
R. K. Bhandari
R. K. Bhowmik
S S Ghugre
S. Kailas
S. Mukhopadhyay
Sailajananda Bhattacharya
Samir Kundu
Santanu Pal
Sarmistha Bhattacharya
Subrata Pal
Sudhee R. Banerjee
T. K. Rana
Tilak Kumar Ghosh