Paper and Poster Submission Guideline

The manuscripts are to be submitted in .doc/.docx format.

Kindly name your manuscript/file as xxx.doc/xxx.docx where 'xxx' is your abstract ID number.
The .doc/.docx  file can be uploaded through "
My Conference" link.

Click "View my abstracts" link and log-in to Indico.
The "My Conference" link will appear on the left pane.

Click the "My Contributions" link.
    A list of your contributions will be shown.
Click the title/name of your contribution.
    Your abstract with other details will be displayed.
Click the "Add Material" link under the "Existing Material" heading.
    A pop-up "Upload Material" window will appear.

Follow the instructions given below for uploading your manuscript i.e. full paper of the related abstract as doc/docx file.
1) Select 'Upload file' tab
2) Select 'Type' as paper
3) Browse your paper named as ID.doc/ID.docx file
4) Optionally, you may write some text in 'Description' text-box
5) Deselect 'Convert to pdf' option
6) Click 'Upload' button

The name of uploaded file will appear under "Existing material" heading.

To modify your contribution, delete the existing contribution/file, by clicking on the red cross button.
Upload the new manuscript as described above.